Departure Apnea Medes Islands 2014

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Family and we're back !! this time to share the wonderful day on Saturday lived 14 June for the third consecutive year in which a number of members of apnea Catalonia enjoyed one of those experiences that will forever mark; nothing less than a morning diving apnea in the Medes Islands Marine Reserve, And that total 22 members did not want to miss this great opportunity.

We came a long week of intense heat and sea water Irons completely transparent but a few days before the appointed day forecasts warned of the entry of the north wind (North wind) and endangered output. Finally the wind was allowed to leave but made it impossible to visit the north side of the meda big area to visit focused on the faces of the park that were to squeegee the wind and current.

Divided into groups, the participants were able to go around and enjoy the wonderful diversity of flora and fauna of this incomparable place in the Catalan coast. Species such as Snapper, Orades, Barracudas and so did most delight and even some large grouper was seen in the eyes of most preparations. Later they also installed·Install a pair of buoys apnea and some of our partners to take advantage of cross training disciplines such as constant weight (CWT) Diving and Leisure (End).

To round off the day there is nothing better than a good meal to share emotions experienced and we encourage each other to live new adventures.

Thank you all / you until the next!!

Caproig / Sortida en Apnea a les Illes Medes 2014

Han col·remediable


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