Summary Workshops Begin Apnea 2014

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Finished programming workshops this 2014 and therefore will not be until the first 2015 that we will be able to offer you the chance to discover this wonderful sport with us.

However we would like to thank all the participants that have trusted us to begin to step into this exciting world, you made it possible.

It has been a pleasure for us to have shared these hours and minutes without breathing Theory. For us it is very important to constantly improving the content and practical implementation, that is why as a runner if you've seen nothing to improve invite you to share with us.

We want to remind all those who have assisted the opportunity to become a member and enjoy all the benefits we offer: Training groups, Registration preference to activities, Discount on the same, Discounts in shops, Training material and more… (See Partners)

Hope to see you all very soon,

Thanks to a little more and enjoy the great sport blue!

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