Open Barcelona opens with Apnea 3 national records

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Last 10 May was held at the sports complex Verneda, Barcelona, Open Barcelona Apnea. Second official event organized by AIDA Freediving Catalonia and had the likes of free-diving use Aleix Safe, Mara Torrealba, Sergi Bernard and a number of athletes beginners.

The test took place in the afternoon with the procedures Dynamics finned (DYN), Dynamic without fins (DNF) and static (STA).

In static mode highlight the non-participation of the current world champion under-CMAS Aleix Safe, reserve forces who decided later. This allowed Albert Tudela prevail in this kind of a great brand 5 minuts i 42 according. In females Torrealba Mara set a new national record with a time of AIDA 4 minuts i 18 according.

In dynamic apnea with fins (DYN) Bernard Sergi gold medal with a distance of 138 meters personal best.

And in the form of Dynamic without fins (DNF) Aleix great victory for Segura reached a distance of 151 meters and thus improve his previous national record of 142m. In females Mara Torrealba reached a distance of 79 meters and a new national record in the AIDA method.

Great start to the season for Barcelona Aleix sure is co·first places in the ranking STA and DNF in Spain and Sergi Bernat does in DYN. Celebrate also increasingly common presence of athletes to beginners apnea tests performed in our.

Result :


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