The Open Costa Brava & IV Skandalopetra

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Last 6 September took place in Estartit (Girona) the first edition of’Open Apnea Costa Brava, AIDA first official test of depth throughout Spain and has also hosted the fourth edition of the now famous test Skandalopetra.

After a successful test last year, Open Costa Brava this year has been released under AIDA International rules of competition, all thanks to the creation of the AEA-AIDA Spain, Spanish Association of apnea and sports two new judges who have, this time Sayeras and Oriol Ferran Navarro.

Catalonia Apnea Association as organizer of the event again choose the best setting for a test of this nature, This is the wonderful surroundings of the Medes Islands, offshore Montgrí and had the port Estartit.

Again had international representation thanks to the support of participants from Italy and Israel completed the majority of participants, arrived mostly in and around Barcelona and Girona.

With a total of 13 participants, which 9 participate in both tests, the starting signal was given to the 9 morning aboard the Estrop, The ship also carries them to the place where the test.

A sea plane completely welcomed, no wind and pleasant weather that accompanied all morning, excellent conditions.

The test allows participants to compete in one of three possible modes: Constant weight with fins (CWT), Free Immersion (End) or constant weight without fins (CNF).

Brands announced days before the time of enrollment conform the order would be carried out and high to low depth. The first part would be the Catalan Abel Queen announced a brand of Immersion -55mts in free mode (End) and the test tank with a brand -20mts announced by Cesc Career mode with fins constant weight (CWT).

The Catalan fail to achieve the brand being advertised to only 5 meter dish. Highlight performances by Italian Pietro Antolini achieved a mark of -46mts one of the hardest forms, the constant weight without fins (CNF) and which also highlighted the unstoppable Mara Torrealba with a brand -30mts scored a new record of Spain to your list, i and i van 5.

Albert Tudela was the winner in the form of constant weight with fins (CWT) a brand -33mts Regina and tights, the canary fireproof, proclaimed winner in the form of free diving with -30mts.


The Skandalopetra now reached its fourth edition, known as a test established by many of the participants who dared once more to try this style brings us back to the origins of the sport.

Dubbed by some as the Formula 1 sea, This method keeps the spirit of defiant face the depths simply with the help of a rope and a stone, in teams 2 and looking for the exact depth in the shortest possible time.

Three deep to beat: 10, 20 and 30 meters. Remember that the rules are not allowed to use any mask, fins and wetsuit, only a swimsuit and nose clip in case you want to pick up the stone with both hands.

Year 13 brave and bold faced the challenge, many for the first time. Divertíssim, Fast paced and fast, adjectives used by those who tried.

En categoria 10 m winners of Skadalopetra 2014 Tudela were Albert and Marc Jacas, staying ahead of the pairing Pietro Antolini and Cesc Careers for a few seconds and very approximate depths. The third time was the best by Juanma Gizzard and Andrew Corvillo.

En categoria 20 m was the winner Oriol Navarro teamed with Gabi Juans. The current Barcelona and Spain runner-static apnea demonstrated so keep a good shape.

Once this category 30 m was deserted, probably due to accumulated fatigue after two consecutive tests, or that we approached lunchtime :-)

Once in port was done delivering medals putting an end to the test. Then many of the participants went to lunch together to round this idyllic·lic journey.

Satisfied want to thank all the participants to make sense of this pioneering trial and those who have worked·worked to make this possible,

until the next!

Javi Porras

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