Introductory Freedive in pool Workshop

Aimed at all those people over 14 years with or without previous experience who want to try this sport in a safe and entertaining.

The workshop lasts approximately 5 hours ; Join the theoretical first place where the history of apnea over time as well as its various forms, both recreational and competitive. We will see what the different national and international federations governing sports practiced Snorkelling. Discover the Physiology of apnea, Security, the necessary material and technical. Then begins the practical part where it begins a gentle breathing and relaxation exercise. Then they will practice safety procedures and rescue, as well as working in pairs. Finish with practical exercise static apnea (STA) which seek relaxation and good application of knowledge. We will do the same in Dynamic Apnea with fins (DYN) and Dynamic Apnea without fins (DNF).

Whether or not you have practiced, If you love the sea and want to discover all you can do with a gulp of air I hope the next workshop.

Workshops for beginners pool are the ideal way to start discovering the sport while they are the prerequisite for the realization of Workshops Sea we organize during the summer months.

Limited Places.

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