The SKANDALOPETRA is a team sport, teams are formed by two athletes. One part as apneista (Voutichtis) and the other does as assistant area (Kolaouzeris). The competition is divided into categories and each category has a certain depth.

The test consists of jumping into the water with a stone that will help to lower. This was linked to a cab that will have the same length as the depth that we want to achieve. Having exhausted all the cab planned and therefore has reached the depth established mate surface (Kolaouzeris) slows the cab with his hands so that apneista (Voutichtis) with·Place the feet on the stone to being hoisted to surface.

The winning team is the one category that comes closest to the designated depth ASAP. Each team has two opportunities, because the team members can exchange roles. The difference between the depth designated (DD) and depth achieved (AD) the difference in depth. Convert this difference in time and add depth to the times achieved by each team. The team with the best record is the winner.

Activitat d'Estiu

Summer Activity


Apnea Catalonia did not think for a second when you add in its program this mode. The instructions and rules of this event is based on the regulations of the sport for years practiced, especially in Greece. Many aspects have been simplified for two essential reasons; firstly to facilitate understanding of a kind unknown to many, and secondly to avoid falling into the trap of being more concerned strict compliance with the rules of the most important, have fun. The regulations of this type are defined with the intention to propose deep diving affordable for everyone. It is a team sport that is practiced in pairs, with athletes of all ages and abilities diving (even people with certain disabilities can participate). Immersion "Skandalopetra" is the best expression of diving "free" and, for historical reasons, only allowed to use swimsuit. If it allows the use of nasal forceps. Any other equipment is prohibited (Neoprene, Mask, fins, goggles, etc.), except in certain cases.