Training Groups

Continuity is key in any sport for better results, if you want to improve your brand or you intend to participate in testing apnea is a basic regular training with other people who can monitor your progress and also ensure your safety.

The trainings aim to consolidate the basic techniques of diving in the disciplines of Dynamic Apnea with Fins (DYN), Dynamic apnea without fins (DNF) and Static Apnea (STA).

Another important aspect of training is the ability to practice “buddying”, it is the task of overseeing and ensuring the security of a company.

The rotation weekly groups and disciplines in the mix quarterly athletes in new groups aprenantatge guarantee a basic security tasks as well as to share knowledge constantly.

Training Groups:

  • ADAS Cavalldemar (Barcelona)



  • Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)



  • Club apnea La Caretta (Girona)



  • Grup entrenament Mataró (Barcelona)


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