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III Open Costa Brava – In Skandalopetra 2015

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Open Costa Brava III Poster – In Skandalopetra 2015

Last 13 September 2015 Open took place on the Costa Brava III and V Skandalopetra, a year bringing together a number of free-diving use again willing to overcome their limits.

Being scoring this year for the new Catalan League AIDA Apnea, Open Costa Brava was once again the only test carried out deep in the Iberian Peninsula and as always consists of three classic modes: Constant weight (CWT), Constant weight without fins (CNF) and Free Immersion (End).

The site chosen for the third test was again Montgrí coast but this time taking as base port town of L'Escala, where we find the International Diving Center diving center and this time has been commissioned to carry participants to board the Estrop 2, a large ship to 44 places that had rentals.

With a total of 14 Participants between the two tests set sail in the bay of Roses, Site chosen due to wind from the south that had been announced.

Leaving the port 9 Morning sea already had a significant swell, which caused sickness among many participants during the journey. To this is added a component Nord Stream would be present throughout the trial but in consideration of the sea gave us a higher visibility to 20m, very positive factor in this type of testing.


Twefik Blaoui

As usual order of participation was set high to low brand announced. The first participant to compete was the Algerian who had announced Twefik Blaoui CWT -50m, the second participant would Mihhail Antonjuk Estonia with a mark of -34m FIM announced.

CWT constant weight category in the Algerian Twefik Blaoui could not reach because of the depth and turned announced a few meters before touching the plate establishing greater brand championship -43m. However cost him to obtain the necessary proclaimed winner in this category. The second and third place were for Francis Carreras with -26m and -21m respectively with Eva Raimúndez.


Juanma Molleja

Free immersion category FIM was the clear winner Juanma Molleja with a mark of -30m that earned him gold, 10 meters more than the second and third place and Cristina Andres Soriano Corvillo, which were obtained the silver medal together with a mark of -20m.

The mode of constant weight without fins (CNF) did not enjoy this year of participation, certainly the hardest and requires greater preparation.

Once the III Open Costa Brava took place one of the most emotional moments of the day. Apnea Catalonia had decided to join the initiative proposed by AIDA International in memory of the recently deceased Natalia Molchanov. All participants, with·employees and passengers who wish they formed a circle in the water holding hands and were held a minute of silence apnea. The moment was recorded and shared in tribute to who was the most free-diving use all time.

Finished tribute to Natalia Molchanov was given the start of the fifth Skandalopetra. This test consists of three categories or reach depths: 10, 20 and 30 meters. Let us briefly recall rules: You could not drive wetsuit, Glasses, fins, leads, tube or any other element of the swimsuit and if you wanted noseclip.

DSC_0514Weighing 12kg stone is the only element that helps participants to descend into the depths and a great work team, because it is the partner who is on board the vessel who must stop the rope in order not to exceed the depth marked and being as accurate as possible, spend long or short supposed penalty. At this time count, being the fastest team on the back surface of the test winner.

Ferran Sayeras

Began testing the 10m category and all participants motivated force although for many it was the first time they practiced.

Nerves were evident, even for experts. Going blue without any help, as did the Greeks centuries ago is still one of the most exciting experiences you can live in this sport.


Finally, against all odds proclaimed winners in the category 10m by pairing newcomers Cristina Soriano and Miguel Estepa, Miguel made a mark almost perfect 9,9m.

Unfortunately strong winds increased to the point not to secure the realization of the remaining two categories, 20 i 30m, and put an end to a day full of hilarious good memories.

Once in port participants were directed to the facility·facilities of the International Diving Center which had changing rooms.

Subsequently, in one of the comfortable rooms at the center that was resalitzar delivery of medals and draw the material contributed by the sponsors of the event.

The day ended with a wonderful meal also organized by the diving center.


Thank you all and until next year!!



Calendar Events and Competitions 2015

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Get ready for the 2015 is full of tests and activities to squeeze the maximum summer!!

Every year we have prepared a lot of activities to enjoy the blue at all levels;

AIDA official evidence as OPEN Costa Brava deep and thrilling Skandalopetra to classical Departure Apnea Medes Islands through the Career Training.

The more blue claret pools will be the star of the two official tests AIDA indoor: L’OPEN Apnea Barcelona i L’OPEN Apnea Catalunya – Trofeu Oscar Lopez.

While also released test shoot Underwater Spearfishing lovers.

We hope, Salt and chlorine all!

Come to Us Apnea!


The Open Costa Brava & IV Skandalopetra

POSTED ON 11 September 2014 - POSTED IN activities, News

Last 6 September took place in Estartit (Girona) the first edition of’Open Apnea Costa Brava, AIDA first official test of depth throughout Spain and has also hosted the fourth edition of the now famous test Skandalopetra.

After a successful test last year, Open Costa Brava this year has been released under AIDA International rules of competition, all thanks to the creation of the AEA-AIDA Spain, Spanish Association of apnea and sports two new judges who have, this time Sayeras and Oriol Ferran Navarro.

Catalonia Apnea Association as organizer of the event again choose the best setting for a test of this nature, This is the wonderful surroundings of the Medes Islands, offshore Montgrí and had the port Estartit.

Again had international representation thanks to the support of participants from Italy and Israel completed the majority of participants, arrived mostly in and around Barcelona and Girona.

With a total of 13 participants, which 9 participate in both tests, the starting signal was given to the 9 morning aboard the Estrop, The ship also carries them to the place where the test.

A sea plane completely welcomed, no wind and pleasant weather that accompanied all morning, excellent conditions.

The test allows participants to compete in one of three possible modes: Constant weight with fins (CWT), Free Immersion (End) or constant weight without fins (CNF).

Brands announced days before the time of enrollment conform the order would be carried out and high to low depth. The first part would be the Catalan Abel Queen announced a brand of Immersion -55mts in free mode (End) and the test tank with a brand -20mts announced by Cesc Career mode with fins constant weight (CWT).

The Catalan fail to achieve the brand being advertised to only 5 meter dish. Highlight performances by Italian Pietro Antolini achieved a mark of -46mts one of the hardest forms, the constant weight without fins (CNF) and which also highlighted the unstoppable Mara Torrealba with a brand -30mts scored a new record of Spain to your list, i and i van 5.

Albert Tudela was the winner in the form of constant weight with fins (CWT) a brand -33mts Regina and tights, the canary fireproof, proclaimed winner in the form of free diving with -30mts.


The Skandalopetra now reached its fourth edition, known as a test established by many of the participants who dared once more to try this style brings us back to the origins of the sport.

Dubbed by some as the Formula 1 sea, This method keeps the spirit of defiant face the depths simply with the help of a rope and a stone, in teams 2 and looking for the exact depth in the shortest possible time.

Three deep to beat: 10, 20 and 30 meters. Remember that the rules are not allowed to use any mask, fins and wetsuit, only a swimsuit and nose clip in case you want to pick up the stone with both hands.

Year 13 brave and bold faced the challenge, many for the first time. Divertíssim, Fast paced and fast, adjectives used by those who tried.

En categoria 10 m winners of Skadalopetra 2014 Tudela were Albert and Marc Jacas, staying ahead of the pairing Pietro Antolini and Cesc Careers for a few seconds and very approximate depths. The third time was the best by Juanma Gizzard and Andrew Corvillo.

En categoria 20 m was the winner Oriol Navarro teamed with Gabi Juans. The current Barcelona and Spain runner-static apnea demonstrated so keep a good shape.

Once this category 30 m was deserted, probably due to accumulated fatigue after two consecutive tests, or that we approached lunchtime :-)

Once in port was done delivering medals putting an end to the test. Then many of the participants went to lunch together to round this idyllic·lic journey.

Satisfied want to thank all the participants to make sense of this pioneering trial and those who have worked·worked to make this possible,

until the next!

Javi Porras

Introduction to Workshop Apnea – 1 February

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Again we have developed a new introductory workshop apnea in pool aimed at people who want to get started in this sport safely.

The workshop is divided into two parts and a day-long. Morning tea instead of the theoretical workshop will learn the history of apnea over time and its various forms, both recreational and competitive. You will see the different national and international Federations governing sports practiced free diving, Speaking about the physiology of sleep apnea, Security, the necessary material and technical.

Whether or not you have practiced, If you love the sea and want to discover everything you can do with a gulp of air I hope this next workshop.

Workshops for beginners pool are the ideal way to start discovering the sport and are also the prerequisite for the realization of Workshops Sea we organize during the summer months.

Part teòrica:

  • Physiology of APNEA



For more information and registration:

( Limited )


With the·works


Introductory Workshop Apnea (19 October – Cerdanyola)

POSTED ON 23 September 2013 - POSTED IN activities, taller_IAP

The next 19 October will take a new introductory workshop apnea for those who want to start safely in this sport.

The workshop is one day and is divided into two parts:

  • Part teòrica (morning): Federations, history, Physiology, Security, Technique, Relaxation ...
  • Practical in pool (afternoon): Breathing and relaxation exercises, Security, Static apnea and dynamic apnea.

No previous experience is necessary.

(places are limited)

For more information and registration:



With the·works


III Skandalopetra / AND Constant Weight

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THE 7 SEPTEMBER us again plunge !




Just a sip of AIR !



Forms: CWT / End / CNF


Apnea in estat pur! – Unique in Spain!



And constant weight



Han Col·remediable


Underwater Skills Workshop for Kids

POSTED ON 22 June 2013 - POSTED IN activities, General

dani ok

The next Saturday 29 de Juny organize a workshop for kids Underwater skills.

The aim of the workshop is to learn to dive into the sea in a relaxed and fun

while the diversity of living things that we can find.

Place: Estartit beach

Schedule: 10:00 – 13:00


Equipment needed:

Mask, I Aletes Tub

– Limitat a 16 places –

More Information and Registration:

Output Apnea Medes Islands

POSTED ON 21 May 2013 - POSTED IN activities


Since the Apnea Catalonia we offer you the opportunity to enjoy one of the best underwater landscapes of our coast, the Medes Islands Marine Park!

And what better way to do it Apnea ??


9:00 Talk by Ariadna Arms, marine biologist and scuba instructor to know and be able to identify the variety of wildlife that inhabits the islands.

10:00 – 14:00 Boat trip to the islands.

14:30 Lunch

They will practice the following activities:

Constant weight

Photo-hunting underwater diving

Free apnea

( places are limited )

Registration and more information :


With the·works:

Introductory Workshop apnea Cerdanyola

POSTED ON 6 February 2013 - POSTED IN activities, taller_IAP

Apnea in co Catalonia·operation with the municipal Sports Park Guiera Cerdanyola a workshop to initiate Join apnea securely.

If and flights iniciar has apnea, This workshop is designed for you. The workshop consists of parts dues:

Theoretical: Federations, history, Physiology, Security, Technique, Relaxation…
Practice in pool: Relaxation exercises, Security, Static and Dynamic Apnea Apnea.

Data: 2 March
Place: Sport Park Municipal Guiera, Cerdanyola del Vallès



With the·works


Introductory Workshop apnea Mataró

POSTED ON 6 February 2013 - POSTED IN activities, taller_IAP


Apnea in co Catalonia·Working with sub Niman a workshop to initiate Join apnea securely. If and flights iniciar has apnea, This workshop is ideal for you.

The workshop consists of parts dues:

Theoretical: Federations, history, Physiology, Security, Technique, Relaxation…
Practice in pool: Relaxation exercises, Security, Static and Dynamic Apnea Apnea.



With the·works