Members of Catalonia Apnea new AIDA International Judges

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The month of April was held at municipal pools Palafrugell AIDA Judges Course organized by AEA in association·Working with apnea Catalonia.

The course was attended by up to 10 people arrived from different parts of the country even as the Canary Islands and Huelva and was directed by
Ute Gessmann, Instructor AIDA International Judges.

This leaves the whopping 10 New AIDA judges in Spain of which there are three who are members of apnea Catalonia, all with the ability to organize official events in their cities of residence, certainly great news for our sport.

The SAA is the Spanish Association of Apnea, established earlier this year 2013 as representative of AIDA in Spain and aims to promote and standardize apnea across the country with both the testing organization, dissemination and training of sports practiced free diving.


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